Five Alive is a citrus fruit drink introduced in the United States by Minute Maid in 1980 and is now enjoyed all over the world. The beverage was the first multi-fruit blended juice drink consisting of the juice of orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine and lime.

An eight-ounce glass of Five Alive contains 15% of the (USDA) recommended daily intake of vitamin C. It contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.

Five Alive is available as a frozen concentrate in a can and premixed in juice boxes and a variety of other containers.

Recently a few new varieties of Five Alive have become available in certain parts of the world, such as Five Alive Blast Fruit and Five Alive Citrus Burst. There is also a calcium enriched Five Alive available, as well as a variety that includes additional vitamin C.

Like everything else, there are some people who like Five Alive and some who don’t. However, those who don’t like it are often very adamant about the fact. Some say it’s too sweet, others say it’s too acidic. Conversely, those who like the drink usually cite those two characteristics as a reason they enjoy it.

Mixed Drinks including Five Alive
RJ Sunset
50 ml. Brandy
100 ml. Citrus Five Alive
25 ml. Grenadine
Pour brandy over three ice cubes in a glass, add citrus five-alive, pour grenadine, stir slowly.

Citrus Blast
2 shots Everclear
8 oz Five Alive
4 oz Sprite
Mix the Everclear and Five Alive, add Sprite.

Tazmanian Punch
2 bottles vodka
1/2 bottles Everclear
1/2 gal Rainbow Sherbert
1 can orange juice (concentrate)
2 quarts Five Alive
1 can Fruit Punch Mix
1 bag Ice
Just dump it all in a large bowl or bucket.


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