Served in a similar way to wonton soup noodles, this dish is a tradition in Hong Kong, but is also served throughout Southern China. The fish egg is not the caviar that everyone is familiar with, it is actually fish shaped into balls for easier consumption.

The soup base is almost exactly the same as the wonton soup noodles, except it is usually less heavy, due to the fact that the ingredients of this dish is not as flavorful as a wonton. Also, this dish can use both rice noodles and wheat noodles. Both work fine. Rice noodles are thicker in diameter, being around 3-4mm thick, and are white in color. They are also less "crunchy" and softer than the wheat noodles used in the wonton soup noodles. They still taste good though.

The "fish egg" is always made from a freshwater fish. And it is not always served in a ball shape, there are always large, thin slices of the same fish served along with the fishballs. This dish contains more MSG than wonton soup noodles however, for reasons unknwon to me. It is still delicious and is highly recommended whenever one visits Hong Kong or the local Chinatown. Served during lunch, in large bowls filled to the brim with fish broth. It can be seved with almost any tea, however, in my experience I found green tea or oolong tea to accompany the lighter taste of the dish better than red tea.

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