1989 tract by Jack T. Chick.

Now, kids, let's talk about Communism. Or, rather, how the dreaded word "communism" is used to scare people to notice the "obvious" connection between Communism and... oh yes, you guessed it... Catholicism.

A village is overrun by government forces. A guy called Carlos escapes alive, and decides the Government is baaaaad and decides get up to go to the barricades.

The relatives send another guy called Juan, who is considering joining the revolution, to talk with - you guessed this - the preacher. Who isn't that convinced that a revolution would do any good.

The preacher says that "All revolutionary leaders kill those closest to them. Stalin did it, and so did Castro."

Then the preacher tries to make some weak connection from Bible to the matter at hand, using Isaiah 9:6-7 to say Jesus is the ruler, and humans are Eeeeevil (Jeremiah 17:9). I fail to see how these phrases defend Capitalism and condemn Communism, though, because following that logic, anything but absolute theocracy would be bad... (Unless if he meant that the Government is always Ordained By God, or something other equally contradictionary in this case.)

OK, Juan meets Carlos, and joins him - and Carlos introduces him to Father Dominic, a - here it comes - Catholic and a "good communist".

Dominic defends his view, saying Jesus was a revolutionary - "He said take from the rich and give to the poor. Jesus was a communist, you know.". He shows a picture of angry-looking Jesus with an AK-47. (No. I'm not making this up. I know it's weird, even for Chick.)

The revolution comes, and the revolutionaries are victorious.

Juan's family gets executed by "necklacing" ("Killed by a gasoline-soaked car tire placed around the person's neck and set on fire"). Dominic informs Carlos about Juan's increased rage (well, who wouldn't be pissed off if family gets slaughtered?), and has Juan executed with a neck shot.

And God throws Juan to lake of fire for not accepting Jesus as the Savior and bla bla bla bla bla bla. Insert traditional Jack T. Chick guy-with-a-light-bulb-head stuff here.

"5 years later", says the date line, the situation is same as in the beginning: Communists are wondering what to do with the signs of revolution...

Good ol' JTC. Always so predictable... What's next? "The Group I Don't Like Today Is Actually An Evil Catholic Organization"? =)

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