His full name: Fabio Lanzoni. (courtesy IMDB)

Famous Italian Model who graces the cover of many a trashy romance novel, found in drugstores (over 250). Has long blond hair and muscles.

He's been in I can't believe it's not butter! commercials. He appeared on the Tom Green Show giving Tom a tour of his house, where he had an entire fridge of the stuff, as well as a Million dollar plus stereo.

On March 30, 1999, while riding in the front seat of the Apollo's Chariot roller-coaster in Williamsburg, VA, he was smacked in the face by a goose. Someone taped him climbing off the ride, blood on his face, which was aired on The Daily Show. He'll tell you "I could have died."

He's been in Dude, Where's my car? and Spy Kids

His fragrance is "Mediterraneum" by Versace.

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