Well, almost. We started the night audit chores late, and some of the paperwork was foobar to begin with, so we ended late, which would prevent the morning shift from being able to properly checking out dozens of people leaving early for the NASCAR races. By the way, just so you know, don't fuck with NASCAR people. Still a botched checkout is not as painful as a botched checkin, because at least your victim eventually leaves you in peace to fix your mistakes instead of watching over you and spamming your mental processes with sarcastic tirades.

At some point during the ordeal I managed to take Cutiepie aside and exchange phone numbers with her. I was like: "Well, see you tomorrow, I hope. But if I'm not here, if you know what I'm saying, can I get your phone number?". She gave it to me. And I gave her my pager number. So, even though the night was one solid, chain-reaction clusterfuck, at least I have have that. And a mostly finished short story (that you're welcome to add writeups to, of course, but somehow I doubt you'll be able to think of anything insaner than what's already here). And the faint hope that the abbreviated version of this story that I wrote in the guest services log will find safety in numbers among a thick stack of other 'incidents' that were recorded by various hotel staff this weekend.

That's one of the advantages of having two jobs... if they can me, I won't starve. Unless my day job finds out how much noding I've done during the day.

The moral of this story.
Umm... don't work in a hotel? Don't oversleep? Drunk people are trouble, especially if they're coming from a wedding? Don't trust a piece of shit software package with a user interface from the 1970's to run a multimillion dollar hotel, except into the ground? Don't ever, for any reason, give anybody the key to anything until you've nailed down a form of payment and proof that it's not just almost the right room, but exactly the right room? Oh heck, I'm not sure what the moral is. Maybe all of these things. Maybe I didn't learn anything, and will keep on noding all day today until I fall asleep late, wake up late, and repeat the same damn process again. next ->

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