In the year AD 1227...

  • The Mongols continue their expansion into Central Asia, obliterating the last remnants of the once mighty Xixia Kingdom at the Massacre of Ningxia. However, Genghis Khan dies of natural causes during the campaign, and the largest empire on Earth is divided between his three remaining sons and two of his grandsons.
  • Japanese priest Dogen introduces Zen Buddhism to Japan with his pamphlet Fukan Zazen Gi ("General Teachings for the Promotion of Zazen"), a brief introduction to Zen practice.
  • Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II prepares to personally lead the Sixth Crusade, amassing an army of 1000 knights and a fleet of 150 warships to sail for Jerusalem, but is forced to cancel at the last minute when he and his army come down with malaria. The delay earns the wrath of newly installed pope Gregory IX, who promptly excommunicates Frederick for failing to depart on the promised date.
  • Throwing aside the regency ruling in his name, 20-year-old English King Henry III has himself declared of age and assumes personal control of his kingdom.
  • Danish king Valdemar II is defeated at the Battle of Bornhöved, thwarting his attempt to reconquer lands siezed by his trecherous vassal the Count of Schwerin. The defeat marks the end of Danish domination of the Baltic states, although much of present day Estonia remains under Danish control for the time being.
  • Sultan of Delhi Iltutmish continues his ill-fated efforts to conquer Rajasthan, scoring a temporary success by capturing the city of Mandor.
  • Aragonian king James The Conqueror begins his reconquest of the Balearic Islands.
  • Leonese king Alfonso IX extends his southern border by capturing Cáceres from the Almohads.
  • The Russians begin a program of forcing Karelian Finns to be baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church in an effort to expand Russian influence in Finland, a course of action which will eventually prompt the Pope to place Finland under apostolic protection and impose a commercial blockade against Russia.
  • Japanese potter Kato Shirozaemon travels to China and learns the secrets of Chinese pottery, returning to Japan some years later and prompting a Japanese pottery revival.
  • Construction begins on the Cathedral of St. Pierre in Beauvais, France. Intended to be the tallest building in Christendom, it is never completed, but still has the highest ceiling of any Gothic cathedral to this day.
  • The Council of Trier bans plays or poetry from being performed inside churches.

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