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Why it's important to read this before you begin writing

Everything2 may be unlike anything you have met before. The staff are volunteers who help other users. They work to keep the site running smoothly, and within our established standards.

Who they are

Staff are unpaid volunteers, who are prepared to spend extra time to make E2 a better place for everyone. They can be identified by @ or $ in the Other Users list. There is also a list of current personnel, along with their duties, at E2 Staff.

What they do

The staff have several responsibilities.

  • They provide examples of good writing, to demonstrate the required standards.
  • They correct minor mistakes in writeups whose original author has left the site.
  • They weed out writeups that just don't make the grade.
  • They offer feedback on content, style and formatting.
  • They welcome and support new users to help them with their writing and noding skills.
  • They answer serious questions from anyone. A quick private message can save a lot of frustration and time.
In addition, many of them will post "Editor Logs" from time to time. These are often commentaries on the site and the work they do. See Everything Editor Logs or the link from the front page.

Some staff (the "gods" group) have additional powers to rename, move or delete nodes. This group manages the administrative nitty-gritty of the site. Some people in this group also share responsibility for maintaining the code.

There is a third group of people, whose task is to ensure that the Chatterbox remains a safe and enjoyable place. The chanops group are, in a sense the chatterbox moderators. You may recognise them by the + against their names.

Resolving problems

If you believe that a staff member has made a poor decision, approach them first to discuss it reasonably. If you are still not happy, see E2 staff for the current list of duties, and approach whoever is responsible. They are willing to discuss things and get to a resolution.

How do I get on the staff?

The best way to start is with consistent and excellent writing. We are a community, so positive involvement in the social side of the site will help you get noticed. Helping newcomers is a big part of the job, so answering questions in the Chatterbox will also stand you in good stead.

You will also need a detailed understanding of how E2 works, and the importance of the site's standards.

By all means let one of the E2gods know that you would like to volunteer your time. Staff are selected only occasionally, so please be patient.

If this is not clear, ask questions in the Chatterbox or approach the E2 Staff

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Last updated on October 22, 2012

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