1998 - Late 1999:
The Formation

This epoch of e2 is marked by it's use of e1 before the migration to e2. 2 Writeups per node, Zero Clones, Noding for Numbers, and Pseudo_Intellectual becomming the first M-Noder are all intresting facets of this epoch.

nodes and writeups from this Epoch are known for their piffyness due to the fact that you could only have 512 or so characters per writeup. You can tell a node from this Epoch by their date, since they are all dated November 13th, the time of the node migration.

During this Epoch, Response Writeups were almost impoossible, thereby keeping trolling and flaming to a minimum. Everyone communicated thru #everything on /net, since there was no chatterbox. Cooling was done only thru, well, bones, and reputation of writeups didn't matter much at all.

Most important to this epoch, the atmosphere to everything was so laid back that there was hardly any strife or whining. Some people claim that this was because it wasn't really worth the time and effort, but I believe that it's because e1 was one happy little club, where everyone knew your name.

Late 1999 - April 2000:
The Factual Renaissance

With the sudden and unfamiliar ability to put a vast amount of information in one writeup, noders began writing much more indepth, wordy, fact filled writeups. Things like chess began popping up. We had a chatterbox and the ability to leave messages with one another, helping us improve our collective grammar skills.

There wasn't much strife in this epoch either. The biggest thing that happened strife wise was the advent of the everything civil war, due to the advent of XP and the fact that people started using e2 as if it were a player versus player game. However, in hindsight, this was relatively minor on the strife scale.

April 2000 - September 2000
The Red Troll Epoch

This epoch is marked by the nodeshare dominance of Dman in debates on topics ranging from abortion to gun-control, essentially popularizing trolling with his writeups, which were often able to incite angry responses, his presence on e2 spawned quite a few trolls on both sides of the issues he was involved in arguing.

The intense strife of this epoch made it one of the less happy epochs to be a part of. Many prolific noders, (most notibly Saige, leader of The Nodeshell rescue Team, who seems to have retired.) left due to the intense strife of the epoch.

This epoch also caused the downplay of XP and NFNing as many of Everything's Best Noders (and many old noders as well).

This Epoch was essentially ended with the somewhat contriversial removal of DMan, (described elsewhere in the detail it deserves if you want to be angry about what happened with DMan, one way or another.)

This brings us to...

Present day e2

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