A shining nugget of wisdom from my (currently licenseless) - how do we say it these days? - unrefined bus driver, Teri.

(a coarse Brooklyn accent) "I tell youse kids, it's fucking incredible. Every Day an Asshole."

And I am hit with inspiration. O Teri, o Muse, o Font of Wisdom and Truth, recount to me!

an Oscar Wilde novel. The refined, aphoristic, dryly witty peer (Lord Henry, perhaps?) is lecturing his young and impressionable ward (the spitting image of Dorian Gray, to be certain) on the nature of the world.

"...If there is one thing which I have learned of this world, dear William, it is this," Basil dryly noted to the enraptured youth, setting his glass down gently on the ornately engraved tray which he had ordered sent directly from India,"Every Day an Asshole," he declared with the sublimely confident air of a man who knows exactly how profane he is being. "Why, I'm certain I've never heard anything so outrageous!" Cried William, blanching. And yet, he was intrigued, drawing closer in spite of himself...

And then my flash was over. Ah Oscar, how I yearn for you still...

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