A starkly beautiful instrumental piece from Moby's breakthrough album, Play.

It begins with a simple acoustic guitar and some quiet humming from Melville himself.

by myself, lost in my own thoughts. the music is my voice.

A minute later, a second acoustic guitar is added, this one strumming the basic chords, while some light piano is dispersed atop it. The whole thing is underscored by a quiet beat, whose most intrusive element is the sampled ride cymbal. High-octave warm strings float across the soundscape.

it is tranquil - at peace.

A minute and a half later, it explodes on itself; not an explosion of noise and blinding light, but a soft explosion, in slow-motion, like nuclear explosion footage. The beat gains weight. The bass drops. The piano expands to fill the spectrum - it is no longer a lilting afterthought, but it rhythmically plays out the chords of the song, with the lower tones punching you at the first beat of every bar. The soundscape is full, rich. Orchestral strings float and permeate every nuance now, giving the piece a soaring, majestic quality.

completeness has been achieved.

And then, abruptly, it all disappears. Only the guitar remains, fingering the last chord into extinction.

all good things must end.

Artist - Track - Title - Album
Moby - 14 - Everloving - Play

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