The first track off the Evangelion Music album, Evangelion - VOX, runs for 2 minutes 53 seconds and begins with a lot of overlapping Japanese speech from the series and movies. It then leads into and English section, the words for which are as follows:


Do you love me? Do you love me? Do you love me?
No!! No!! No!!

Born evil, giant sinner. Human spirit lies.

No compassion. Tortured soul.


Armageddon is here!
Living Hell has come!

World's worst nightmare has appeared!


Throughout time and history, everyone has had a time to face adversity.
Be it as a part of a race, a tribe, a family, or as an individual.
The course of action necessary is governed by the situation!
Do we fight and flourish? Or be pacified and overwhelmed?
Can good triumph over evil?
Will we ever really know?

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