An erotica photographer whose specialties are BDSM, smokers, vintage lingerie, and all kinds of fetishes. He uses models of all kinds, short and tall, thin and fat for his works, some of them in his books Eric Kroll's Fetish Girls and Eric Kroll's Beauty Parade, both published by Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH.

(from the Eric Kroll FAQ in

Q. Do you think you are a pornographer and if you don't, why not?
A: I'm not a pornographer because no two models are shot in the same manner. I factor in the person that I'm photographing. I spend time with the person I am to shoot. In a sense it is a collaboration. Pornography for me is the same `spread' shot taken over and over again. The focus is on the pussy and not on the message in the photo. It's like watching mindless TV over and over. That's pornography. The viewer doesn't have to participate. He or she doesn't involve one's imagination. I want the viewer's imagination to be stimulated by my photographs.

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