It had to happen eventually, though I kinda expected it to emerge from the other side of the camera - you know, our side.

It began as a way of entertaining visitors to Star Trek conventions. Vaughn Armstrong (the actor who played Admiral Forest on Star Trek: Enterprise) started writing and performing original blues songs, blues songs with titles like "Red Shirt Boogie Blues" and "Get Me to the Holodeck." As the project grew, Williams realized that a one-man band wasn't going to cut it anymore and enlisted a few other veteran Star Trek actors and crew members to take part.

As of this writing the band consists of the following:

Upon listening to this stuff, I have to admit: they sound like they're having a helluva time.

They have a CD available for purchase on their website though, even after taking the inflationary nature of fandom into account, the idea of spending twenty-five bucks for eight songs that sound like they were recorded in a basement somewhere is a bit crazy. Gutsy, but crazy.


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