Enlil was the Mesopotamian god of earth and air. He has been called the "executive of Anu".He was the patron god of Nippur.

In the The Epic of Gilgamesh, Enlil is the God who calls for the destruction of man. He does this because he is bothered by all the noise and can't get any rest.

After the flood, he is the god who bestows eternal life on Utnapishtim.

Furthermore, his wife is Ninlil, or Sud in Akkadian. His children include Inanna, Adad, Nanna-Suen, Nergal, Ninurta, Pubilsag, Nusku, Utu, Uras, Zababa, and Ennugi. The main temple to Enki was the temple E-Kur (the 'Mountain House') at Nippur.

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