In Sumerian mythology, Ennugi is the son of Enlil, who is also known as Ellil in Akkadian. This god does not play an important role in the Sumerian pantheon, and in fact is not mentioned often in literature. Sumerologists are still not sure if the name has been translated correctly.

Ennugi's birth is described in the myth "Enlil and Ninlil". In this story, young Ninlil disobeys her mother and bathes in a canal. Enlil sees her and rapes her. He is arrested as a sex criminal and condemned by the gods. His punishment is banishment from the city of Nippur. Enlil leaves for the netherworld, and Ninlil, pregnant with his child, follows him at a distance. Enlil takes the shape of other men and persuades her to lie with him. Consequently, Enlil sires 3 gods, all of them dark, primitive, and mysterious. These three gods are Meslamtaea, Ninazu, and Ennugi.

Enlil is mostly a benificent god, but is a very complex character. This story shows his dark side.

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