A clarification: we're talking about the cheap stuff here, not their granulated instant coffee. Commonly called "sand" ("khol"), akin to the name given to bathtub scouring powder.

The name fittingly describes both the taste and the smooth texture. Worse instant coffees exist, but are not as easy to find (try Brazilian instant coffee for a jolt!).

Other (granulated) instant coffees have the same taste, but add overtones (and, presumably, granularity). Only Elite's instant coffee has the taste that says "INSTANT, not COFFEE!" the instant you taste it.

Better than others for making ice coffee, surprisingly enough!

To my unending surprise, this amusing cultural abomination is now available to kosher concious Dubliners through the efforts of The Big Cheese Company.

Why this normally excellent establishment chose to concentrate its kosher coffee importing efforts on this most vile (except, as ariels rightly points out, in chilled form) of beverages, and what attitude towards kosherdom in general this reflects, is left to the kind reader's bemused imagination.

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