A Finnish fantasy role-playing game, published by ACE Pelit.

The rules are in level of "Your Second Role-Playing Game" (assuming your first game was D&D or something similiar). The game largely seems to focus on actual roleplaying and not on hack and slash - there aren't many exact rules and the few ones are fairly simple to master.

The game is set in world of Tanar. The nation where players adventure in is mostly populated by elves (though common fantasy races like humans and orcs are also available). Elves actually get some extra bonuses in character generation.

The name comes from a powerfully enchanted magical sword that played some important part in the world's history.

Even with some cliches, I thought the game was fairly original - it had many interesting monsters. Also, it had some interesting humor too. Oh, and illustrators had done a great job - I particularly liked the maps to be given to players, they were almost like real medievalish maps.

Decent game for newbies and elf-huggers alike.

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