As the self-proclaimed "heaviest band in the universe", Electric Wizard are the true kings of Stoner Metal. They are also very closely related to Doom Metal, and are usually referred to as a "Stoner Doom Metal" band. Yes, metal has many, many sub-genres...

This British band consists of three members: singer/guitarist Jus Osbourne, bassist Tim Bagshaw, and drummer Mark Greening. Oh yes, and each of them probably smoke more weed than Snoop Dog and Woody Harrelson combined.

Their debut self-titled album was released in 1994. It set the formula that Electric Wizard has followed ever since - distant tortured vocals, a wall of sound Phil Spector couldn't even imagine, and grueling Black Sabbath style riffs. This album was later re-released in a two-CD bundle with their second outing "Come My Fanatics...", which was originally released in 1996.

These first two albums hardly make mention of their love of marijuana, instead dealing out cryptic H.P. Lovecraft-esque subject matter in the first (except for the song "Wooden Pipe"), and the second being a concept album focusing on, what I believe to be, some sort of evil Space Cult. However, this changed with their 2000 release of "Dopethrone", which took the metal world by storm and catapulted them to the top of their genre. This album's cover featured a faux-woodcutting of a horned pagan god holding a bong. True to doom metal conventions, the title track is 20 minutes long.

Dopethrone was followed up in 2002 by the album "Let Us Pray". Although very good, it couldn't help but be a minor let down from the awesome doom monolith that was Dopethrone.

But really, any Electric Wizard album makes for the perfect soundtrack to your psychonautic adventure - as their lengthy songs usually take on a very psychedelic, experimental nature. However, if someone is tripping balls and isn't a fan of Doom, I wouldn't suggest putting Electric Wizard on - you might scare the bejeezes out of them.

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