Is it irresponsible to claim authority on this band when they are still so new? Oh well...

Electrelane are a rock band from Brighton, UK. To me they seem some of the brightest new talent to come out of the turgid UK indie scene in a while. As I write they have just released their debut album, Rock It to the Moon, on their own label, Let's Rock! Records (helped by P.I.A.S.). They are all girls, though I can't verify this personally, having so far avoided their live performances.

As for style, they fall midway between the quiet/loud guitary suspense-building methods of your Mogwais and your Slints, and the less melancholic, uptempo parts of Stereolab (say). They love their synthesizers (cf. their I Love You My Farfisa) and they aren't afraid to take a dig at that quiet/loud dynamic (see excellent single Gabriel). It's all top quality, charming, post-rock goodness.

I would compile a discography but I'm sure I would leave important things out.

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