Chemikal Underground Records: An independent record label from the UK - Glasgow, Scotland, to be more precise.

Unwilling and disinclined to pursue a record deal after they formed in late 1994, The Delgados were confident they could start their own record label and release records in a manner they would be proud of... -

The Chemikal label quickly prospered as Britpop withered away, and became instrumental in forging a distinctive new independent sound in British music. Previous signings include the fabulous Arab Strap, Radar Bros, Mogwai (for their astounding first two albums), and Bis. One of the keys to their success may be the talent of the founders themselves, The Delgados, who made palatable a style of poetic, sincere folk rock that doesn't make you want to retch. Only a few years into their reign, Chemikal Underground can already be proud of their heritage.

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