Once, when I was in the ninth grade, I had to take a Mechanical Drawing course to be able to attend the school I was at.
One day, I really really had to go the bathroom. Bad. Usually, I don't go to the bathroom at school, but I could not hold it any longer. I asked Mr. Sasiene (the teacher) if I could go. He said yes.
So I am standing there in the stall, urinating, when I hear odd noises coming from the neighboring stall. It is quite obvious that the person beside me is masturbating, what with all the grunts, panting, rustles, etc. But I also hear a noise that I did not formerly associate with autoerotism: that of a metal object striking another metal object. Clinky clangy, clinky clangy. Wondering what that could be, and guessing that this person would like to be left alone, I quickly completed my task and left the bathroom.
I am back at my desk, drawing circles or pentagons or whatever they were, and the class clown, Edwin, bounces in, very very tardy. As he is jumping around, with his gigantic crucifix necklace swinging to and fro, I hear a familiar
noise . . .

Clinky clangy, clinky clangy . . .

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