I've killed so many writeups today I've lost count. I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- we need a better system for teaching new noders. I always feel bad when I have to kill some poor newbie's first writeup -- I know how much it discourages -- yet it's necessary to preserve some semblance of order and quality.

I haven't Cooled very much in a while, but I'm open to suggestions. Have you seen a node worth the Page of Cool? /msg me, and I'll take a look.

Does anyone think this feature suggestion is worthwhile? ... put a "e" or other mark next to editors and gods in Other Users, which, when clicked, opens a popup window that lets you send a chatterbox /msg. This would be quite useful for newbies if properly promoted.

Resuming my cleanup of pealco's plagiarized writeups, with help from wundernoder ophie who bravely audited hundreds of writeups to find the copied stuff.

Today I'll be killing a lot of writeups copied directly from Britannica:

(must sleep now... will resume sometime after rhododactylos Eos makes an appearance.)

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