East Lansing, Michigan is located in the central part of the state adjacent to the state capital, Lansing, Michigan. East Lansing is home to Michigan State University (MSU) which was founded in 1855, and has grown to support one of the largest contiguous college campuses in the United States. Nearly half of East Lansing's population is comprised of the more than 40,000 students that attend the university.

The city has attempted, somewhat successfully, to identify itself as a magnet for diverse cultural elements, as well as a center for folky art galleries, and academic charm. East Lansing is far better known for its ongoing struggle between the student and resident communities, typical of that in any college town, only significantly magnified by MSU's vast off-campus "student ghettos" and its rowdy reputation as a "party school".


The atmosphere is a bit more inviting than in Ann Arbor, MI, but can get old quick. There is always a party to black-out at, a bar to close down, and a sorority girl walking home on a Sunday morning with her panties in her back pocket.

Places to eat: Lou & Harry's, Beggar's Banquet, and seasonally, the roof of El Azteco (indoor dining not reccomended).

Bars to hit up: PT Omalley's and the Landshark both have cheap drinks, and usually a nice meat market for either gender. Drink outside at the Peanut Barrel patio.

Things to do: Tailgate at a football game, attempt a bar crawl, leave within 5 years of arriving.

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