Rick's American Cafe is a bar located at 224 Abbott Road in East Lansing, Michigan. There is usually ALWAYS a line which wraps around the corner on almost any given night. Why? That's a very good question!

As soon as you walk down the stairs, you will notice it divides into 2 areas. The left is the dance floor, pool table and the stage where a DJ or live band will usually play. Sometimes it seems like they just put a CD on repeat all night and serve cheap enough drinks that people just don't give a crap. On the right is another bar with a bunch of seating and coat check where they will charge $1 for each coat, but put multiple items on a single hanger.

They tend to have some pretty good drink specials on certain days. On wednesdays, they have 1/2 off drink specials and what is claimed to be "ladies night", but guess what? its just a big sausage fest because ladies night is just a clever ploy to trick guys into thinking there will be a lot of hot girls there. Granted, the bartenders are pretty hot but they are used to getting hit on all night so they won't talk to you unless you leave them a FAT tip. On thursdays, they have a $3 for all drinks special. This seems to be the night where they hide all their good liquor or just water it down to make sure you frequent the bar all night.

This is basically Rick's in a nutshell. Why do the line ups always stretch around the corner? Because broke students love cheap drinks! Why is there always that one dude posted by the bar in his white blazer trying to look cool? He's probably just a douchebag. You can ignore him.

Aside from the floor always being sticky, the constant odor of vomit and urine, and people who seem to piss everywhere but the toilet, they do have a big dance floor which is where most of the action is. Just be sure not to wear your new Jordans or white Steve Madden's because they will no longer be new or white by the time you are carried out of the bar.

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