Enhanced Parallel Port

A protocol developed by Intel, Xircom and Zenith Data Systems to increase the speed of parallel port transfers, yet remain compatible with a normal parallel port. First implemented by Intel in the 386SL chipset (82360 I/O chip).

EPP ports can transfer up to almost 2 MegaBytes per second. Therefore it used primarily for devices like CD-ROMs, and various backup devices.

Enhanced Premiere Pack, this is a Star Wars: CCG product by Decipher, Inc.. These packs were originally made in 1998 and became very popular due to the extremely good premium cards (main characters with built-in weapons!) found within.

Each of the packs contained four unlimited edition Premiere booster packs and one out of six premium cards. The premium card was visible, so that you always knew which one you got. The six different cards were:

Dark Side

Light Side

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