E-ThePeople is a website (www.e-thepeople.com) attempting to help leverage democracy to increase the rate at which improvements are made to and by the government. It allows members to post articles which are then encouraged or discouraged by others. Other members are also allowed to add comments to articles. The website's appropriate motto is "Democracy is a Conversation". E-ThePeople also allows members to conduct polls. The features of this site that seem most useful to me are listed below.

The relevance of an article decays over a period of two and a half weeks from 100 times the difference between the number discourages and the number of encourages to 1 times that difference. Comments are not given relevance scores but they do receive encourage and discourage votes.

Polls on E-ThePeople are written by members. They incorporate the idea of Approval Voting wherein the pollster can decide to allow poll takers to pick only one answer or to pick all appropriate answers. This feature is an important step toward educating people on the shortcomings of Plurality Voting. If you are a voting method enthusiast, you might like to help me lobby e-thepeople to allow Condorcet Voting in polls.

E-ThePeople allows members to scope their polls and articles to the entire nation (USA, though I'm not sure why other countries aren't featured) or to a state or city. I don't believe my state and city are well-enough represented to benefit from the scope mechanism, but I hope they will be someday, if not with E-ThePeople, then with another site like it.
Political Action
Members are encouraged to learn about existing initiatives and movements, to discuss their merits, and even start their own.

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