An attempt to find consensus on issues regarding metadata on the Web, the Dublin Core (named for Dublin, Ohio, where the first workshop in the effort was held) has tentatively established suggestions for metadata about online resources.

As suggested by RFC 2731, Dublin Core metadata can be represented in HTML meta tags like this:

           <title> Nutritional Allocation Increase </title>
       <meta name    = "DC.Creator"
             content = "Simpson, Homer">
       <meta name    = "DC.Title"
             content = "Nutritional Allocation Increase">
       <meta name    = "DC.Date.Created"
             content = "1999-03-08">
       <meta name    = "DC.Identifier"
             content = "">
       <meta name    = "DC.Format"
             content = "text/html;    1320  bytes">
       <meta name    = "DC.Language"
             content = "en-BUREAUCRATESE">
       <meta name    = "RC.MetadataAuthority"
             content = "Springfield Nuclear">
       <link rel     = "schema.DC"
             href    = "">
       <link rel     = "schema.RC"
             href    = "">
       <meta name    = "DC.Type"
             content = "Memorandum">

The Dublin Core metadata set is currently (as of November 2000) a draft standard of ANSI/NISO, Z39.85, and can be seen at


For an example of how to use MetaData for music, have a look at the RDF structure that the MusicBrainz project developed.

It is an implementation of the Dublin Core. The database can be browsed using both HTML and RDF, it contain information on over 15,000 music artists and their performances.

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