This is a drink my friend Mike and I made up. It's an excellent first drink of the evening. First, the recipe:

Pour the ingredients into a pint glass, and top off generously with your favorite clear carbonated beverage. We've done this with Sprite, Bawls Guarana, or even regular seltzer water, so just use your imagination. Stir thoroughly and drink quickly, but feel no need to chug.

You'll notice right off the bat that although the Drunken Ninja doesn't taste bad per se, it certainly isn't anything special. Well, that would be where I inform you that this drink isn't consumed for its taste. It has an amusing side-effect.

There is a reason I recommend drinking this at the beginning of the evening. Mike and I have found that even when we are at our soberest, the Drunken Ninja delivers a Drunken Kick To Your Face almost precisely ten minutes after you drink it. It sneaks up on you, and right when you're about to think "Huh, I guess that drink wasn't very strong, because I don't feel a thing," that's when it gets ya.

I've seen Mike imbibe a Drunken Ninja, walk into a different room, and start a conversation. I waited ten minutes. In the middle of his sentence, Mike suddenly paused. His eyes crossed, he said "whoa," and he staggered backwards into a chair.

Yes. It does that.

So, if you're looking for a new, interesting way to kill brain cells, or you're a fan of Everclear, give the Ninja a try.

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