I Am the Female MacGyver

My assignment was to hold a stake-out in a swanky hotel where I was keeping my eye on Jon Voight and his considerably younger girlfriend (I never quite figured out why the Pheonix Foundation wanted to keep tabs on an older actor and his mistress).

After I got checked into the hotel, I climbed up ten flights of stairs to make it to my room, because Jon Voight knew who I was and would know exactly what I was doing if he caught me. Apparently I felt that using one of the eight elevators in the hotel was too much of a risk. I finally made it to my room, dead tired, only to realize I had left the room's key in the lobby. But that was no problem, because I knew how to use a credit card;)

Once in I found that I had a great view of my suspect's room on the other side of the building. I started setting up the equipment to scope the place out, when all of a sudden Brendan Fraser comes flying through my door Indiana Jones-style with a big whip, and lands in a heap on the floor. But then he looked up at me with that big goofy grin and I didn't mind so much.

For some reason I knew in the back of my mind that the Pheonix Foundation had sent Brendan Fraser to spy on me. But I didn't really mind, well, because of obvious reasons. So after apologizing for scaring me after bursting in, Brendan and I set up the rest of the cameras and stuff and started taking pictures to get some dirt on Jon Voight.

Nothing much happened for awhile, except for I got to know Brendan a lot better. Then suddenly, my roomate in college appears out of nowhere, hoping for a piece of the Brendan action. Ha, my dear, my dream, you stand no chance. So Brendan didn't like her and made her dissappear.

Finally we caught Jon Voight and his girlfriend in some compromising situations. But, just as we were about to call it a day, I was looking through a pair of binoculars and Mr. Voight looked straight back at me and caught us! Before we even have a chance to think, he'd had our hotel room filled with little kids who kept asking us for candy and going through the cabinets for food. To make them go away you had to knock their heads together, and then they would run out of the room.

Brendan and I succeeded in knocking all of their heads together until we turned around and saw there was one child left. Laughing maniacally, Jon Voight appeared behind us. He had sent an odd number of kids so that we couldn't get rid of the last one, who was the most powerful and had been trained to hide until the others were gone.

"Now, I've got you!" He proclaimed, as the little kid tied us up in two back-to-back chairs before we had a chance to react, and then proceeded to grab our roll of film for Mr. Voight. The two then left, locking the door and leaving us trapped.

Ordinarily, a dream that ends with me being tied up and constrained really bothers me in the morning. But because of the fact that I was tied up and constrained to Brendan Fraser, I'd say that all things considered, it was a good dream.

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