I was in Idaho...visiting my Grandmother (who doesn't and never has lived there IRL). I was trying to figure out what I could bring on the plane. I had a whole room full of junk. I am wondering how I got all of this junk (furnature, etc) in the room, since I flew here. I'm doing this while feeling guilty for not being downstairs visiting with the family who is present.

Then I am talking with a co-worker, and he is asking me to take these long metal strips back on the plane. I argue with him that I don't have enough room. All of the sudden he and I are in this airport, and he's jumping on conveyor belts going very fast, and he's having fun. Then he goes into this large thing that looks like a thing you'd see in a video game, where the metal stompers are coming down and you are whisked under them, and if your timing is wrong you get smashed. I remember they seemed to deform rather than smash the person, and remember thinking oh this is like a game (but one I'll pass on).

We're walking somewhere...then I'm whisked back to where my Grandma lives, which is near a city. All of the sudden there is this announcement (how, I have no idea, we were outside, but that is how it happened on the plane IRL I was riding on September 11). Someone had exploded a nuclear bomb in our country. Everyone was pretty despondent, and I was trying to use my two-way pager (I think it was going off IRL) to look for news announcements, except that now it was color, had a ton of options, wasn't working properly....and not only was color but had this pictured background. The thing had turned into a PDA right before my eyes. And I couldn't find the news option.

Next I'm obsessed with the idea of using my cell phone to call the airlines to make sure that my flight was cancelled, so that I didn't lose my booking. I can't get through to a reservation agent, when suddenly I see this fireball that is coming out of the side and tops of buildings...I think that this is a nuclear bomb and that I'm going to die...I run around the corner of this old (but concrete) nearest yellowish buidling, find this little crevace, and ball myself up in the crevace. Meanwhile I'm making my peace with God in my mind. (This seemed so real)

Next scene I'm whisked to is with family, still there in Idaho. Suddenly both Grandfathers are there (I'm not sure how, because my Mom's dad died about 20 years ago). They are telling about the things they saw in WWII, bombing, how this wasn't nuclear (the ones nearby). All of the sudden my ex shows up, looking freaked and saying "What's up with the safety pin in the door?" (I recall my room full of junk, above). Then I say "Get away from me!" and she says "Stay away from my kids" then my mom jumps in "No Problem!!!". My ex's face was strangely distorted. Then my mom and I are walking away and I'm saying how I was going to give her another chance but now she went and did this.

I run over to this other house, a cottage (which reminds me of the cottage my parents have IRL that I have lived in). I put something in this little wooden box behind the bed and in the process I find this pair of shorts I like, covered with white mold. I'm thinking, hey, these fit me, and that if I wash them I could maybe dry them in the sun outside, then take them with me. I go into the kitchen and am scrubbing them in the double sink, the mold is mostly coming off, when in comes my mom. She askes me why I'm not dressed, I say "Oh I guess I shouldn't do that" and start to put on some clothes".

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