I was at my parents house talking to Mom about borrowing some money that I still owed for my previous car. She resisted, and then told me to go into the trunk of her car and get her money out. I found a purse (actually 2) and brought it out for her. After convincing her to lend me the $2,000 I needed to pay off my car (which I didn't have anymore), I left.

Driving down the road I called the person I bought the car from on my cordless phone (from the my current apartment, which was somehow working from a speeding vehicle). While driving along I talked to the guy on the othe end who sounded like he was on a speaker phone. He was telling me about how he was in charge of setting up a rave, and what he was doing and how he needed money (I think he was just arrested for something, which is why he needed money). He kept asking me how I liked raves and what I thought of them, and I had to keep on telling him that I'd never been to one and wasn't really a "party kinda guy" (which I'm not) but I didn't mind going to "normal" parties, but I wasn't a "rave kinda guy". He kept on trying to sell me on the idea of a rave for some reason, and telling me how he couldn't do the planning, but someone else (a female I think, maybe someone I know) was.

I finally breached the subject of the fact I owed him money still, and I was in his area (the top of Harris Road). Somewhere along the way I noticed that one of the complexes (which isn't there in real life) was flying both Canadian and American flags). He kinda relented, saying that since the car was so old taking the full amount I still owed him (which at this point I realized was only $1,500) was more than the car was worth. I told him yes, but if he wanted what I owed him in full he could have it, or else tell me what he wanted from me and I'd give him that amount of money.

About this point I switched hands on my phone and when I got it back to my ear I thought that I must have missed what he had just said, as the othe end was quiet. Then music started and I realized that he'd put me on hold.

The "music" turned out to be my alarm going off...

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