White. Lots of white, then blue. Blurry at first then getting clearer as my eyes open. Slightly blue light seeps through the cracks in my walls. This is morning. I hate mornings. My head slowly tilts towards the left side. My alarm clock says 1:35 PM. Hmmm, I slept in later then usual. Noon is usually the appropriate time to wake-up. I just turn over and wrap myself in a womb of homemade quilts. I can't get back to sleep though, so I just wake-up.

When I wake-up, I usually do it fast. I don't creep out of bed, because I may never get out. I jump out of bed. Throw a T-shirt and some jeans on. As I walk out of my room there is a pale light from a cloudy day glowing at the end of the hall. I start walking across the soft, beige carpet to the staircase. At the staircase I notice something. There's a black, metal box 1ft. in dimension all the way around. I pick the box up and check for markings. Funny. I don't remember leaving anything on the stairs when I came home last night.

As I slowly open up the lid, a musk smell starts to come from the box, then it turns into a rotten stench that is almost overwhelming. My head stays as far away from the box as possible as I keep lifting the lid. Once the lid is open I see where the smell is coming from. A head. Not just any head, my mom's head. Her face looking straight at me with eyes of fear and her mouth gaping open. I drop the box and scream the most horrific scream I have ever screamed in my life. Then I vomit. I am sick and frightened. My back is against the wall. I look at my hands. They're covered in blood.

I run upstairs and start screaming at the top of my lungs, "DAAAAADDDD!!!! HOLLLLLLYYYY!!! MICAAAAH!!!!SOMEBODDDDYYY!!!!" All I can do is scream and cry. A million questions run through my mind. Who did this? Where's the body? Where's the rest of my family? What should I do?

I run from room to room. Nobody is in the house. I don't dare go back down stairs for fear of coming across the pale, decapitated head of the woman who raised me and gave me kisses on my temple every night before I went to bed.

I shake like a leaf with fear up and down my body. "I have to get my act together." I start thinking. "Go wash your hands, then call the police." I wash my hands of the blood until my arms are raw. I then grab the phone, my hands shaking tremendously and dial 911. I can barely put my finger on the right buttons.

"Pleasepleaseplease pick up!"
Me: For the love of God pick up!
911: 911 emergency how may I help you?
Me: (voice shaking)Help! Please help! My mom...
911: Sir, slow down. Please slow down.
Me: Ok, ok. I woke up this morning and found my moms head in a box.
911: What?
911:Oh my God! (pause) Sir, I will send police over right away. Please tell me you address and....

The phone drops out of my hand

As I look through the sliding glass doors into my backyard I see four dirt mounds. One mom, one dad, one brother, one sister.

Sit straight up. Pitch black. I'm breathing heavy. It was a dream. One of those dreams that makes you cry. I turn on the light. Then I walk over to my brother's room next door and turn on the light. The mound of covers slightly rises then falls. I sigh. Upstairs I can hear my dad snoring and I know that everything's okay.

I'm not kidding. This was a real dream I had last night. It was a very vivid dream that scared the crap out of me.

I was walking to my grandmother's house, which is on the Northside of Richmond and I saw an old woman standing outside of the Elderly Home, she was complaining about some robbers to the police and said that they went down my grandmother's street.

We came around to the front and saw some of her neighbors. I decided to speak to them and realized that I was in my own house when I walked throught the front door. I saw someone at the back door and I went up to it and there were the robbers at the door.

They were little kids. One was a boy who had to have been about 12 or 13 years old, and a little girl who was about 8 or 9. I saw the little girl trying to get in, obviously she didn't see me because when she came in I grabbed her as fast as I could, the boy was still outside, I told my neighbor to hold the door. I took the girl by her arms and grabbed the bag that she held away from her. I thought that there was a gun in it, but no gun.

I began to bang her head on the dining room table, but she wouldn't loose consciousness. I banged her head again, and again. Why won't you sleep? She had just about had enough when I had taken her outside and drowned her under the water hose.

I saw the boy on the ground with his hands tied up. How did that happen? Oh yeah, my brother did that. Good going Earl! I went up to the boy and realized that he was about to get loose. He came loose and lunged at me and I ducked. I saw him take out a gun and I knew it was all over. Then I remembered the movie "Rush Hour," and I took the gun from him and fired. I woke up.

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