I was walking to my grandmother's house, which is on the Northside of Richmond and I saw an old woman standing outside of the Elderly Home, she was complaining about some robbers to the police and said that they went down my grandmother's street.

We came around to the front and saw some of her neighbors. I decided to speak to them and realized that I was in my own house when I walked throught the front door. I saw someone at the back door and I went up to it and there were the robbers at the door.

They were little kids. One was a boy who had to have been about 12 or 13 years old, and a little girl who was about 8 or 9. I saw the little girl trying to get in, obviously she didn't see me because when she came in I grabbed her as fast as I could, the boy was still outside, I told my neighbor to hold the door. I took the girl by her arms and grabbed the bag that she held away from her. I thought that there was a gun in it, but no gun.

I began to bang her head on the dining room table, but she wouldn't loose consciousness. I banged her head again, and again. Why won't you sleep? She had just about had enough when I had taken her outside and drowned her under the water hose.

I saw the boy on the ground with his hands tied up. How did that happen? Oh yeah, my brother did that. Good going Earl! I went up to the boy and realized that he was about to get loose. He came loose and lunged at me and I ducked. I saw him take out a gun and I knew it was all over. Then I remembered the movie "Rush Hour," and I took the gun from him and fired. I woke up.