I was outside with my friend Nasu and his wee, wee dog. A man with a bigger dog run across us and stopped while his dog was sniffing the arse of Nasu's dog. The bigger dog pushed Nasu's dog's nozzle down and wanted to phuck him up the arse. Aye, him. Nasu's dog was male but it didn't prevent the other dog doing his business. The difference in size was so great we thought it will not happen, but damn, they managed to get it in. Harsh.

The man laughed and left us after the brutish act of homosexuality was over. We thought it must have hurted but actually the dog looked happy. Its arsehole was enlarged by couple of inches, actually the dog was almost nothing but a head attached to an arsehole. The next thing it did was to shit. The rectum was so big compared to tiny pieces of crap that those muscles of rectum you normally need when having a shit were totally useless. The shit simply rolled out like big rocks in a landslide. "It must have felt good", Nasu concluded.

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