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Break Gets Drafted!

For an unknown reason, they had forced me into military service.
There was a big drill coming up, and us poor soldiers were being gathered into lines to prepare us for a long march. I was late for some reason, and some surly sergeants rushed me into taking my place in the line. I grabbed a rifle and realized I hadn't had any weapon taining yet! I didn't even know how to carry the gun properly. It seemed like I had just been taken from my daily civilian life and thrown into a gray uniform, while the other privates present had been there for a good while.

The whole thing seemed really unorganized. We had to switch places in the line many times, for example from a random order to an alphabetical one. Some guys I know were there too, so at least I wasn't among complete strangers.
The highest-ranking military person around had a some kind of speech for us. He seemed like a nice and friendly guy, but I still felt the whole deal sucked hard. Thankfully the dream ended before the physically and mentally straining drill began.

Note: In real life I wouldn't be caught dead attending the Finnish army. It's a bit too stupid institution for my taste.
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  • Will Smith argued with his dad and ignored me while I squirmed in agony on the ground, worse than the worst pain I'd ever imagined. It was ok, though, because I only knew about the pain while it was happening.

  • I asked my son where he'd like to go for vacation and we decided on Mauricia. We only had fifteen minutes. I flashed him there first, ten feet above the river. He spun and flipped and laughed in the air. I dunked him in the water and he loved it. He liked being the kangaroo, and the jackrabbit, but the big camel-like thing was too much for him, too big to handle. I turned him back to himself because that was my favorite too. Thanks, Dad! he yelled.

  • In a bar, asking Who would like to go home with me? I took the man who had the most keys.

  • Going down the long way and on the way back the grass hill turned muddy, thin brown water running though the grass. It worried us, but we didn't know why.

  • Tom's oldest son wants to be a beer when he grows up.

  • Before church I helped her clean up the junk people had left behind in the pews. It never occurred to me that people might be as rude in a church as they are in a theater. Hymnals were not meant for the lazy, she said, picking up another one from the floor. I found a stack of Christmas cards addressed to people from the Bible. Crazy old lady had left them. I went through them, making sure the right card was in the right envelope, which was never the case. Most of them were actually for her family, and most included a "HI PETE!!!" on the back.

  • The man I took to dinner was embarrassed by my family and so was I - I didn't know any of these people, and they were terrible. The woman who was not my mother wanted to talk about facial hair's growth rate as opposed to pubic hair. My date said, "Well one thing's for sure, I will not be falling in love with YOU, Maureen." I was relieved to know that he wasn't really judging me, I wasn't who he thought, I was just in the wrong story.
  • i was an orphan and this was, for some reason, a crime punishable by death. i broke into the basement of a house i found to try to hide from the police. it turned out the house was occupied by the salpino family (who raised me during my teenaged years while my mother was in various mental institutions and whose youngest child, christopher, died on may 5, 2000). the basement had a dirt floor and board walls like a barn and there were horses.

    i wandered around until i found the family and explained my predicament. i was suddenly in danger of being put to death for not having a family. they helped to come up with a solution.

    i was to "steal" one of their horses, and some of erica's (the oldest daughter) personal belongings. i would ride down the road in a frenzied hurried pace, at which point the police would inevitably stop me. i was to tell the police that i was erica, but they were not supposed to believe me. they would accuse me of attempting to steal her identity. the law would allow the victim (erica and her family) to choose to either punish me with death, or pay $1000 to buy me as a slave. They promised that they would buy me.

    i went back into the basement to prepare the horse for riding. it was skittish and didn't want me to put on the saddle. during my attempts to do so, mr. salpino called down the stairs to warn me that someone was coming. i hid. unfortunately, the person who came downstairs quickly determined what was going and i watched mr. salpino kill the man by cutting his throat. mr. salpino told me to go gather some of erica's things while he took care of the dead man and the horse.

    i gathered some of her belongings and went back into the basement. christopher was there and had just broken the legs of the horse so that we could not continue on with our deception. i wasn't worried so much that i was now probably going to die because of the laws... i was more upset that christopher must have some really negative feelings for me to have gone so far as to hurt a horse to bring about my death.

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