Presented RAW--->

In a store that feels like wal-mart. Their is furniture around and I sit down. The walls shrink in and she walks to me. Pulls off my pants and says this is what I want. Magicaly she is immediatly naked. I'm rubbing my dick on her pussy. I slide it in a bit and pull it out. She sais she will put it in when it's time. She slides sideways and turns her back to me. Turns back around and her face morphs into something more beautiful. She looks at me, smiles, grabs my dick and puts it into her. She is on top bouncing like a crazed sex maniac. I start in with the rythem. She screams. What looks like blue paint splatters onto the walls as customers walk by. I ask her "Did you just cum" and she responds "MMMMMM HMM I got the blues". She asks if I'm going to cum too and I say no because I intend on fucking her again later and I'l get her then. We open both get up and clothes re-appear. I get a wet paper towel out of the kitchen on the other side of the store. I begin to wipe the blue cum paint off of the wall and then saw some of my friends. The naked girl from before is gone and i look at the dark little section that I had come from just minutes before like it was a ageing dream.

My eyes open. I am pissed because I just now realize that it was a dream. Then I'm just standing in a white room. The walls of my moms house come down from the sky around me along with a pig I used to fuck. She smiles and kisses me. She pulls me up to my mothers room and lays down on her bed. As she slides around on the bed with me on top of her the blanket under her moves and their are just prison bars with people below them. The people don't distract me at all. This girl keeps it going and I hear loud noises from the streets outside. She says' don't listen to it but it's finally getting to me. Then my doorbell rings and a shady looking guy who sais he is driving a blazer that is stuck in the snow walks right in my house and runs to my bathroom to take a shit. The house then begins to burn and more people arive. Their is a fire by the room with the slutty bitch in it and then the phone rings... ring ring... I wake up wondering

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