I was in Tampere, on the summer house, with my family.

Every one of us was upstairs, wearing only night dresses. We were waiting for big meteors to hit the Earth.

I watched the sky, and could see some planets out there. I heard a warning from somewhere that this meteor thing could be very serious because the meteors hit other planets slower than usual, thus causing more damage. I saw the meteors hit one yellowish planet. After the impact, the planet started to shake violently back and forth, made horrible noise, and then crumbled. I saw this happen to another planet.

The effect on Earth was lesser. At one point, it started raining very hard, so hard that the water came through the roof. My mother gave me a bucket full of water that had seeped through the roof, and told me to pour it downstairs. There were a few shakes and such. I was afraid that this would have been the end of the world, and was happy to note that the planet was relatively unharmed.

I could see a man walking through the garden to the front door, and so knew that it was over and the Earth was saved. He noticed my father was inside the house - he seemed to be an inspector of some sort.

My father opened the door, and this inspector told him he had orders to collect all cats and dogs in the country to be killed, and told them they will also spread a virus among the animals - all this was to kill some animals to save the rest, or something. For some reason I noted that we did have a cat and a dog, and I didn't want them to go.

I woke up humming an annoying tune. Fortunately I can't remember it...

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