Founded in 1800 by Sir George Downing, after whom the street in London is also named. The college was originally planned to a grand scheme, and constructed in a strictrly classical style. Unfortunately the scheme had to be abandoned after a long series of legal wranglings which left the college as one of the poorest in Cambridge. Nevertheless, the buildings that have been built are quite magnificent, including their newly built library designed by Quinlan Terry.

John Cleese and Quentin Blake both studied here. Blake was recently awarded an honourary fellowship by the college.

Founded in 1800 by Sir George Downing, whose Grandfather gave his name to the street in London.

The master of the college is Dr Stephen Fleet.

The senior tutor of the college is Dr Martin J Mays

The admissions tutor is Dr Paul C Millet for arts and Dr Bill Clyne for sciences.

The college offers the regular selection of courses available at Cambridge.

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See Cambridge University for a list of all courses offered by the university.

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