A particularly pleasant member of the thirty or so colleges which make up Cambridge University. It is a small college, admitting around 120 undergraduates per year.

Pembroke is the third oldest college in Cambridge, being founded in 1347 by the Countess of Pembroke, Marie de St Pol. Through the centuries it has been home to many famous figures, such as the politician William Pitt and the mathematician George Stokes. More recently the poet laureate, Ted Hughes, and the creator of Dolby Stereo, Ray Dolby, have studied here.

Pembroke stands out from other colleges in having a wonderfully friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The architecture on the central site is an interesting blend of styles from different eras which fit together perfectly. Unlike other colleges, none of Pembroke's courts have buildings on every side, which helps to create a spacious and uncramped feeling.
Founded in 1347 by the Countess of Pembroke, Marie de St Pol.

The master of the college is Sir Roger Tomkys.

The senior tutor of the college is Dr M R Wormald

The admissions tutor is Mrs Susan H Stobbs.

The college offers the regular selection of courses available at Cambridge except for Geography

Website – http://www.pem.cam.ac.uk

See Cambridge University for a list of all courses offered by the university.

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