Special order from Pizza Ring in Brighton, and probably in Cambridge, too. The double-decker is two pizzas, placed in an oversized pizza box with a cardboard separator. One of the pizzas is always in much better shape than the other one, but you can never be sure if it'll be the top one or the bottom one. Best to flip a coin before opening.

The funny thing about the double-decker is... they try to insinuate that the second pizza is free, even though they charge you less if you order just one pie. When you lift the cardboard off to get at the second pizza, the side of box reveals the message: "Enjoy your free pizza!". On top of that, the ads they run on television, which are pathetic, say the same thing:

Like a double-decker pizza - you're getting two-for-one
Delivery is free with your mouth full of fun.

Mouth full of fun. Right.

The double-decker also has a tendency to come uncut, which is a major inconvenience if your working in the DecLab and don't have access to utensils. Ever try to eat an entire pizza without cutting it?

If you're in the Boston area, why don't you order one? Call 254-6900. Of course, they're under new management now, and the pizza sucks, but shit, it's a mouth full of fun, right?

Dou"ble-deck"er (?), n.

1. (Naut.)

A man-of-war having two gun decks.


A public conveyance, as a street car, with seats on the roof. [Colloq.]


© Webster 1913

Dou"ble-deck"er, n.


A tenement house having two families on each floor. [Local, U. S.]


A biplane aëroplane or kite. [Colloq.]


© Webster 1913

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