Promotional CD
Hits Post Modern Syndrome HT022
Probably released in 1995

I found this CD in a used record store in Atlanta earlier this year. At first glance I thought it was the Dark Side of the Moon, but something didn't seem right. I looked at it again and realized that instead of a prism refracting the beam of light, there was a pair of sunglasses. Intrigued, I took an even closer look. It was a rather interesting promo compilation of alternative tunes, but even more interesting to me was the complete lack of any kind of copyright statement. The liner notes contained a brief review of each song and listed the record label each one was originally released on, but no copyright information was provided for any of the individual tracks or for the compilation as a whole. I guess they figured the statement "For promotion only. Not for sale. Sell this disc an' we'll break your glasses. (And tell your mom!)" was sufficient. So far I have been unable to locate any information about "Hits Post Modern Syndrome" or an accurate release date for this CD.

Track listing:

  1. "Partisan"--Katell Keineg
  2. "City Song"--Luscious Jackson
  3. "Feel the Pain"--Dinosaur Jr.
  4. "Stranger Than Fiction"--Bad Religion
  5. "One Time For Me"--Reverend Horton Heat
  6. "Push"--Moist
  7. "Millennium"--Killing Joke
  8. "Touched"--Throneberry
  9. "Flashlight"--Fuzzy
  10. "Slowly, Slowly"--Magnapop
  11. "Twisted"--Fretblanket
  12. "Wasted Pretty"--Figgs
  13. "Eurotrash Girl"--Cracker
  14. "Bad Reputation"--Freedy Johnston
  15. "Bloom"--Gigolo Aunts
  16. "Back in the Box"--David Byrne
  17. "Wish It All Away"--Ivy
  18. "Dog"--Milo Z

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