Celebrating Mankind's Basic Human Right For Harmless Lunacy in Broad Daylight


Originating in 1983, the Doo Dah Parade graces Columbus, Ohio annually to help this fine city celebrate its nation's independence. However, this is not your standard patriotic Fourth of July parade. As you can tell by its mission statement above, this parade is a very tongue-in-cheek affair. For example, it is led by the Less-Than-Grand Marshall and managed by DisOrganizers. The parade has a "rain date" of July 3rd, so that way it rains the day before the parade instead of the day of. Parade attractions range from the satirical to the political, the humorous to the bizarre. Marchers and floats are adorned outlandishly. If you watch the parade, some of the sights you may see include:

In fact, the only thing that makes this parade similar to normal parades is the inclusion of a few fire trucks

How to Join In

Anybody can join in the parade. There are no entrance fees. However, there are a few rules. Most importantly, all politicians (along with everybody with them) must wear funny hats and have something funny to say. This is a humorous affair, after all. Commercial pitches are prohibited. Racism and cruelty are also verbotten. No full nudity, either... Though partial nudity is encouraged. The point is to have fun.

Some pictures of the parade can be found here.

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