A villain originally published by Fawcett Comics and later by DC Comics. Doctor Sivana first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 in 1940.

Doctor Thaddeus "Bodog" Sivana is a scientific genius who originally sought to use his knowledge and inventive genius for good. He attempted to share with the world his inventions and advancements. However, when his advancements were not met with the type of praise and recognition that Sivana believed they deserved, he became bitter and turned his mind toward gaining power and wealth for himself. His plans to make himself the "king of the Earth" brought him in direct conflict with Captain Marvel, who became his most bitter enemy.

' Sivana's first plan for world domination invloved a "radio silencer." This device allowed the one who used it to negate all radio transmissions worldwide. Sivana announced his intention to use the device if he was not paid, 50 million dollars, which at the time was an inordinate amount of money. Captain Marvel found the silencer and stopped Sivana from using it. Sivana escaped and swore revenge upon Captain Marvel, beginning their years of emnity.

Sivana is a short, bald man with thick black rimmed glasses. Two of his more prominent features are an overbite that would allow him to eat corn through a wire fence and terrible posture. He also possesses the well-known sinister laugh of an evil genius with mayhem on the mind: "Heh heh heh heh hehhhhh..."

It has been revealed over the years that Sivana has four children. Two of them, Sivana, Jr. and his sister Georgia, share their father's appearance, with Junior looking like his father with hair and Georgia appearing to be her father with hair in a dress. These two siblings also share their father's penchant for evil, often times pitting themsleves against the younger members of the Marvel family, like Captain Marvel, Jr. and Mary Marvel.

The other two Sivana siblings obviously got their looks from their mother. Magnificus was the picture of the perfect male with a strong muscular body and beautiful face. His sister Beautia was a ravishing beauty. Both partook in their father's evil schemes to start with, but because they were attractive and attractive people in 1940's comics are never evil, they realized that their father was wicked and in turn helped Captain Marvel.

Over the years, Sivana and his family clashed with the Marvel family. Finally, Sivana came up with a substance called Suspendium that would allow him to capture the Marvel family within it, entrapping them forever. He and his family succeeded in doing this in orbit around the earth, but due to an accident on their space craft, the Sivana's were entrapped as well.

The whole group stayed trapped until the globe of Suspendium came to close to the Sun and began to melt. Captain Marvel was able to free himself and then the others, with the Sivana's escaping as well. The freed prisoners returned to find that twenty years had passed while they were trapped.

The Marvels and Doctor Sivana were all part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. After the Crisis, Sivana's role in the life of Captain Marvel changed. He was recast as Billy Batson's distant uncle in one mini-series and later as a rich inventor and industrialist who was responsible for the death of Billy's parents at the hands of Theo Adam, who would later become Black Adam.

My thanks to Quizro for a reminder of Sivana's trademark laugh.

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