A diary-like log kept by Mary Batson, sister of Billy Batson, of all of the adventures she and her brother have in their alteregos of Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel.

The Ledger of Good Deeds was a plot device used to tell the readers stories of the adventures of the Marvel Family. It contains all of the secrets of the Marvel Family, like secret identities and such, and was a key element in the creation of Uncle Marvel.

One can't help but wonder if it didn't read something like this:

May 18, 1946:
Dear Ledger,
Today was a wonderful day. Tommy Martin, that dreamy guy I told you about, asked me if he could borrow a pencil today. He could have asked any of the other girls in study hall for a pencil, but he asked me! He is such a dream. I even touched his hand when I gave him the pencil!!!! I thought I was going to die!

Mr. Thompson, my history teacher, gave us a pop quiz today on the material we read last night. It was so hard. Who cares about the stupid old Middle Ages anyway. All those people are dead so why should we learn about them?.

I wore my new sweater today and Donna said she really liked it. She asked if she could wear it on Saturday when Dave takes her to the movies. I told her she could if I could borrow her green skirt. We are going to bring them on Friday so that we can wear them Saturday.

After school, I changed into Mary Marvel and did my homework in four minutes, then stopped Doctor Sivana and Black Adam from destroying South America. Got my cape dirty, so I will have to wash it before I go to bed.

Well, that is all for tonight, Ledger.


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