Released: 1983
Directed by: Michael Presman
Written by: Bruce Jay Friedman, Carl Gottlieb
Genre: Comedy

Quite a funny, but obscure movie, but probably not one of Dan Aykroyd's finest moments. Dan plays Clifford Skridlow, a timid college professor. While eating dinner, he is approached by a local pimp who picks him as a scapegoat to take the heat from the local mob boss Mom (Obscure reference: if you saw the Futurama episode about Mom's Robot Oil Company, that was a reference to this movie, watch both and you'll see). Clifford get's suckered in to managing some prostitutes while Mom is told he is the badass Doctor Detroit. Cliffor invents his alter ego to take on the new role, donning inside out tuxedo pants and a metal claw for his hand. After much wackiness, a showdown occurs at the local Pimp Ball attended by all the local pimps and hos. You'll just have to watch it to see what happens!

Overall, this movie is generally rated pretty low. However, I found it quite amusing at times, just don't take it to seriously. But again, I am a bad movie buff, so YMMV.

Memorable line: The Doctor has Spoken

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