How do you keep the tanks so *clean*? They’re amazing!

bi-weekly scrubbing, weekly siphoning, and a lot of elbow grease.

Wow, your fish are so HEALTHY! I’ve never seen a sick one here!

We have a dozen hospital tanks in the back, and lose easily 30, 40 fish a day. we just take 'em out before you get here.

You make it look so easy!

Note the word 'look' ma'am

Those trees are so cool! they look so real!

They're a truckload of kudzu and fake ivy.

Mom! look! a waterfall!

Plywood and paper mache. and lots of paint. and more ivy.

Hey dad, lookit the SHARKS!
You cut up the damn smelly fish they eat then. they're not as glorious as all that.

This glass is so clean! its wonderful!

Bucket of water and a squeegee. Backbreaking work, the positions one must be in to clean it well.

You guys seem to know everything about fish.

Not at all. We look it up, or ask our bosses, or plain say we don’t know.

It's you guys who keep me into fish, really. you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are. This is a wonderful store.

Thank you, sir. you have no idea what those words mean to me. It was just know I was thinking I wish I didn't work here. because I was where you were, for years and years. this place was magic to me. absolute magic. It was heaven. and, now, working here... most of the magic is destroyed; it's only illusion and I’m allowed to see the sleight of hand now. And I was in mourning for my magic just a moment ago.

But that's ok.

Because you, sir… you made me realize it's alright. Because now, I help make magic for others.

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