A disentanglement puzzle is one of those highly-annoying metal wire puzzles that you often find at friend's houses, the object of which is to remove one part of the puzzle (usually a metal ring) from the rest of the puzzle. In other words, you have a twisted mass of metal parts and you have to disentangle it.

There are several brands of these but the most popular is probably Uncle's Puzzles (http://www.unclespuzzles.com/). According to an Uncle's Puzzle box, (I've received several of these as gifts over the years, and now all my friends think I love them since I have them lying all over the place, so I get more every Christmas) disentanglement puzzles are:

The "correct" solution to a disentanglement puzzle isn't supposed to require a blowtorch or cutting device. Through your own mental skill you are expected to disentangle the puzzle with little or no force.

The box doesn't specify which mental skill is most useful in solving the puzzle within, but given the choice, I'd highly recommend telekinesis.

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