"Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl" by Tracy Quan
© 2001 - Crown Publishers

"Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl" is just that - a fictional diary of an upscale hooker in New York City. It follows the life of Nancy Chan, who has been "in the business" for most of her life. She started out in her teens turning tricks in hotel lobbies, then worked for an escort service. After that escort service is shut down, she starts working for a madam. Eventually, she ends up working solo with an appointment book of regulars.

The main focus of the book is her attempt to transition into a "normal" life. Her boyfriend has proposed to her, and the story follows her attempts at planning a wedding without her boyfriend's family finding out that she is a call girl. This proves difficult since she is planning to have two of her call girl friends act as her bridesmaids.

Overall, the book isn't bad. It kept my interest and the author knows how to write to keep a plot moving along. It isn't a very deep book at all, so if you like it when books make you think, this isn't a book for you. Its basically fluff and good for reading before bed. However, you would think that a book about a call girl would have more sex in it. :) The title suggests that this will be a good book for reading with one hand. If you believe in the promise of the title, you will be disappointed.

I'd give it 2.5 out of 5 stars, mostly because the sex parts were lame.

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