Devil Dice, also named xi in the Japanese market, is a single- or multi-player Playstation 1 (PSX} puzzle/thriller game. You may be confused as to how one can combine those two adjectives in a game description, but if you've played the game it's likely that you're nodding your head in agreement.

The premise is simple: You're a little cartoon devil whose job is to walk around the playing field (a grid populated by dice) and, in doing so, rotate the dice you walk over. Points are scored by making groups of dice all having their number on the top face (i.e., five 5's, three 3's, six 6's...). More points may be scored by attaching additional dice to these groups, which is where the multi-player action comes in. When groups are made, they sink off the board allowing new dice to be created in their place. The player can be trapped on the board when this happens if he doesn't get off a sinking group quickly enough, and other players can use their vulnerability to crush him like a bug by rolling dice over him.

The game has a single-player puzzle mode, two-player cooperation mode, two-player competition mode, and a multi-player deathmatch-style mode in which up to five players can battle it out (with the use of the Sony multitap peripheral).

Warning: It is impossible to convey the playability and the addictiveness of this game in ASCII text. This game will infect your thoughts and your dreams. This game will destroy your GPA and/or work performance. It is a classic playstation game that is truly unique and deserves to be seen by all.

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