Baureihe (Class) 146 is Deutsche Bahn's most recent regional electric locomotive; it was specifically designed to power DB Regio's longer-running trains (RegionalExpress system). Derived from the 145, its drivetrains are more sophisticated yet more complex; they allow for a higher top speed. Like all new rotary AC locos, it looks a lot like the 101, which isn't surprising considering that the 145 is a reduced-power version of the 101.

146 is built by Bombardier and the first engines went into service in 2000.

Technical fact sheet:

  • Concept: Bo'Bo' layout (four axles in two bogies), all axles driven, disc brakes; German 15 kV/16-2/3 Hz catenary AC is transformed into rotary current for the four motors by electronical power converters; regenerative braking
  • Power: 4,200 kW maximum
  • Traction: 300 kN maximum, 264 kN sustained at 58 km/h, 96 kN at top speed
  • Top speed: 160 km/h
  • Total weight: 82 tonnes (20.5 tonnes per axle)
  • Length: 18.95 m
  • Distance between axles in bogie: 2.6 m
  • Diameter of driven wheels: 1.25 m
  • Number in service: 31

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